We are committed to being very cooperative in our attitude towards and customer service. Top-most in taste, top-most in quality, and lograined protein-enriched rice.


Several factors influence the success of barley production in Zamzama Biz, including weather, fertilizer. Additionally, for each barley end use there are best management practices to maximize barley yields and profitability.


Our oat flakes are 100% natural. They are the result of carefully selected peeled, cut and stabilized grains. They are white with soft chestnut tones and soft borders.


Beans are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins and Canada is one of the leading producers and exporters of white, black and red beans to the international market.


Zamzama Biz is a well-known name in delivering lentils to importers as well as supplying relentlessly to wholesalers with good facilities. It still trade on a variety of other secondary crops across the grain family with a good culture of cool and punctual delivery.


Zamzama Biz always provides high quality chickpeas to wholesalers all around the world. Chickpeas have many varieties, among which are the Egyptian pea, Bengal gram, the kabuli chickpeas and the gram.

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