Zamzama Corporation is one of the leading business based in Karachi, Pakistan. We deal in chickpeas, rice, beans, lentils, pulses and rice. Our local buyers in Pakistan include millers, investors, traders, stockists, wholesalers and retailers. We have been to different exibitions both nationwide and international including countries like America, Turkey and Dubai. Corporation. Origins, destinations and trading hubs we presently do business with include: Canada, Australia, U.S., Russia, Ukraine, India, Kenya, U.A.E, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey and Argentina.

When dealing with Zamzama Corporation, our customers receive the benefit of our decades of experience and innovative technological solutions. Zamzama Corporation’s renowned reputation ensures that our customers receive the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Constantly adapting to customer requirements Zamzama Corporation is well known for their customer service. To know more about us, take a look at OUR PRODUCTS.