Zamzama Corporation was established in 2008. In 2008-09 our business was registered as Sole Proprietor Co. (Single Owner). Our company is an Import & Export business and mainly dealing in Food and Grains Items. We started our business as rice and lentil wholesale company in Karachi city, which is the main business Hub of Pakistan as well as largest city.

We are the importers of Pulses, Lentils, Chickpeas, Barley & Other Grains as well as feed items from Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina for Pakistan market. We export Rice from Pakistan to different countries including Canada and United States of America. We are also the supplier to Lentil Splitting Mills, Rice Exporters and Wholesale companies in Pakistan.

By attending Pulse Convention 2015 in Las Vegas, we awared that USA is a land of opportunity with a rich agricultural land and products like Chickpeas, Lentils, oats, Barley, oil seeds and other grains. Market share of US agriculture products for Pakistan market is very low, because Pakistan is a big importer of grains and lentils from other countries like Canada, Australia, India.

As we are dealing in world best Basmati Rice in Pakistan and this is very famous and in high demand all over the world including USA.

Our US office will be a good station for the promotion of our exports from USA as well as Imports, because of our local presence in making contacts and relations, and make sure the perfection of business deals and logistics.

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Address: Office#311, Poonawala Trade Tower, Chabba Gali, Napier Road, Karachi, Pakistan

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